29 Июня - 2 Июля 2015 г.

Санкт-Петербург | Россия

  1. Ildar R. Gabitov Electromagnetic field interaction with nonlinear meta-films
  2. Klaus Reimann Coherent control of intersubband excitations by a nonresonant THz pulse
  3. Pavel Belov All dielectric nanоphotonics
  4. Boris Malomed New perspectives in studies of multidimensional solitons
  5. Uwe Morgner Nonlinear propagation dynamics in parametric oscillators and amplifiers 
  6. Guillaume Huyet TO BE ANNOUNCED 
  7. Nikolay N. Rosanov Oscillons in Atomic Optics 
  8. Thorsten Ackemann Complex states of laser solitons: Mode-locking and azimuthons 
  9. Mustapha Tlidi Delay feedback control the self-mobile localized structures in optical cavities

  1. Svetlana Gurevich Delayed feedback control of cavity solitons a broad area vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with saturable absorber
  2. Alexey Yulin Dual scale optical solitary waves
  3. Abdelmajid Taki Nonlinear bifurcations of dissipative structures and transitions to chaotic in all fiber cavities
  4. Hervé Leblond Non-SVEA models for supercontinuum generation
  5. Olga Fedotova High Intensive Vortex Light Bullets Dynamics
  6. Mónica García Nustes Phase shielding soliton in degenerate optical parametric oscillators
  7. Stefane Barland Phase Solitons in Semiconductor Ring Laser with Coherent Forcing
  8. Dmitry Skryabin Solitons in microring resonators: The role of higher order dispersion
  9. Jörg Götte Vortex eigenpolarizations and dyadic singularities
  10. Julien Javaloyes Dissipative Light Bullets in Passively Mode-Locked Semiconductor Lasers
  11. Marcel Clerc TO BE ANNOUNCED
  12. Andrew Masters Modelling dielectric effects using dissipative particle dynamics
  13. Ivan Kislyakov Optical limiting of nanosecond radiation in carbon-based materials: role of the matrix, carbon aggregation and hybrid complements
  14. Konstantin Mishchik Three dimensional volume micromachining of transparent dielectrics with high repetition rate ultrashort pulsed laser systems
  15. Jun Wang Two-dimensional semiconductors for nonlinear optical applications
  16. Frank Setzpfandt Complex Nonlinear Dynamics in Waveguide Arrays: Spatio-Temporal Solitons and Nonlocal Nonlinearities
  17. Roberto Morandotti Guiding Discharges Around Obstacles and Arbitrary Trajectories
  18. Ray-Kuang Lee Lasing on Crescent waves in vertical cavity surface emission lasers
  19. Vladimir Shandarov Pyroelectrically induced nonlinear photonic waveguides and circuits in lithium niobate crystals
  20. Andrei Maimistov Forward and backward waves in nonlinear metamaterials: waveguide arrays and bundles
  21. Anton Husakou High-intensity photoionized plasma and plasmonics in fused silica
  22. Alina A. Manshina Hybrid C-Au-Ag nanostructures: synthesis, characterization, properties
  23. Alexander Alodjants Hyperbolic Metamaterials, Oscillons and Cosmological Models with Spatially Periodical Structures
  24. Boris Fainberg Non-linear organic plasmonics
  25. Albert Ferrando Plasmonic amplification via dissipative soliplasmons
  26. Sergey V. Fedorov Role of nonlinearity in the formation of narrowband resonances in chains of spasers
  27. Vladimir Hizhnyakov Spontaneous two-photon emission of surface and guided waves in resonator under laser excitation
  28. Juan Sebastian Totero Gongora TO BE ANNOUNCED
  29. Evgeny Gurevich Hydrodynamic Model of LIPSS Formation upon Femtosecond Laser Ablation
  30. Fedor Mitschke Soliton molecules for advanced optical telecommunications
  31. Rodislav Driben Multi-component self-accelerating beams
  32. Guenter Steinmeyer On the predictability and determinism of rogue events
  33. Francesco Tani Exploitation of soliton dynamics in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibre
  34. Sergei Pulkin High-resolution nonlinear comb-spectroscopy
  35. Oleg G. Romanov Photoacoustic effect in absorbing micro- and nanostructures under action of ultrashort laser pulses
  36. Virgilijus Vaicaitis Quintic optical nonlinearities in gaseous media
  37. Tatiana V. Radina Synchronization of Frequencies of the Counterpropagating Waves in a Ring Laser
  38. Stefane Barland From an excitable semiconductor laser to an optical memory for phase bits
  39. Sergey Vergeles Spectrum properties of a spaser-based nanolaser
  40. Vladimir V. Kocharovsky Spontaneous mode locking in the superradiant lasers: Intrinsic losses in an active medium instead of resonant losses in a saturable absorber
  41. Ashad M. Basharov Universal mechanism of stabilizing the excited states of impurity atoms
  42. Ilia Kashchenko Dynamics of Lang-Kobayashi equation with large control coeffitient
  43. Ivan Savenko Dissipative exciton-polariton solitons in semiconductor microcavities
  44. Sergey E. Svyakhovskiy Linear and Nonlinear Effects under Dynamical Bragg Diffraction at the Laue Scheme in Diffraction-Thick 1D Photonic Crystals
  45. Oleg A. Egorov Macroscopic oscillations of dissipative exciton-polariton condensates in weak-contrast lattices
  46. Andrey A. Sukhorukov Parity-Time Parametric Amplification in Classical and Quantum Regimes
  47. Etienne Averlant Polarization properties of localized structures in a medium size VCSEL
  48. Vyacheslav N. Chizhevsky Stochastic suppression of higher-order harmonics in a bistable VCSEL with biharmonic excitation
  49. Alexei Tolstik TO BE ANNOUNCED
  50. Eugene Avrutin Asymmetric-cavity large equivalent spot size gain-switched laser diodes for range finding and nonlinear applications.
  51. Stefan Breuer Stabilization of passively mode-locked quantum dot lasers
  52. Julien Javaloyes Temporal Localized Structures in Mode-Locked Lasers: Generation and Control
  53. Ekaterina Kocharovskaya The dynamical spectra of the superradiant heterolasers: Spatial-temporal-dependent mode technique versus cold or hot mode techniques
  54. Roberto Morandotti TO BE ANNOUNCED
  55. Alexander Sävert Laser wake field acceleration under the microscope
  56. Mickael Grech Using extreme light to drive collisionless electron-positron shocks in the laboratory
  57. Ihar Babushkin What is the best pump waveform for THz generation in photoionized gas
  58. Carsten Bree Impact of resonance-enhanced ionization on femtosecond filamentation